o four winds!
o four corners!
i cry out for you to make yourself known!
the mysteries you hold,
the keys you may be
to unlock the hidden doors
inside of me…
come rush over me
like a raging current over a jagged rock
smoothing me with each passing day
may you blow your wild wind upon my face
as i turn my tear stained cheeks toward you.
restore the WILD and FREE spirit
within these dry bones
breathe life into each one
let a rattling begin to stir
until each and every last one
is violent in their dance of freedom!
dance because you are free!
dance because you are whole!
dance out the shame and guilt
and breathe in LIFE-
abundant life!!!!
with each tendon that forms before my eyes-grace!
each ligament-peace!
lighten my load
may this earthly bag of bones scour this plane
become a blessing to all it comes in contact with
send ME!
so come four corners
unlift your milky veil of tears
and expose the map
of where i am to go and what i am to do
let the prophetic become crystal clear
and your name be known in all the earth
come and breathe on me…
the four winds