a new season.
a new atmosphere.
a renewed sense of being.
a new opportunity to let go.
a homecoming.
a healing.
an invitation.

mine for his.
too glorious to take in!
behold the wonder!
dance dry bones of mine
come alive!
the earth is rattling beneath you
it’s time to stand up!
dance in wildness,
dance in reckless abandon!
dry bones i have no more.
instead, hydrated marrow
infused cells,
new bloodstream.

my heart hears:
my child, let go
with complete abandon
let the river rush you
and sweep you up
in the plan i have for your life!
you are perfectly positioned.
my holes for your wholeness
my grace for your shame.
leave here healed this morning
whole and joyful,
enjoy the process little one,
enjoy the process.

image: surprisse.com