my hope is in you
who rules with love
an iron scepter of grace
unbreakable love for all humanity
how can the soul know such mysteries?
will more be revealed in time
or will we be forced to wander
the blind leading the blind
guess after guess
at what’s true, what’s right?
how can the human spirit overcome this maze of confusion
is there one true path?
are these unanswerable questions
that will forever linger on our lips
or shall they be put to rest,
this wonderful curiosity
the deep crevice within our soul…
man’s search for deeper still!
Oh show me God!
illuminate this path
let the scales that encrust my eyes shatter around me,
exposing the truth,
so that i may help others
up the steep mountain climb toward freedom
true reckoning, true release
diving deep into the pools of everlasting
hope, peace and settling of hearts…
this sojourn journey