you might often forget this, but make no mistake: I am FOR you! I think you are the most beautiful creature I have ever rested my eyes upon. you get caught up in the human way of thinking and perceiving…these are not my ways. when you believe i am there to reward you when you do the ‘right’ thing or there to berate you upon your shortcoming and failings, you are missing it completely. this may come as utter shock to you, but i am FOR you! I always was and will always be! wherever you go, whatever you do, i’ve got you. no amount of running can outrun my love. no performance can gain you one more gram of approval from me. you are perfect and I love you.

who are these ‘men’ you are so very fearful of? they are but lowly worms treading upon the earth, crushed by my mighty hand so that you can continue upon your path unscathed. they are fools and liars. but YOU my love, are a masterpiece. the puzzle pieces i am handing you along the way are being formed into the most breathtaking work of art. there never has and never again will be another just like you. they are jealous of your power so that is why they attack from all angles, attempting to extinguish your flame. forge ahead! blaze on bright candle!

I am for you, I am for you, I am for you.

repeat this at all times, in all situations as you make your way in this world. because if you can truly grasp this truth, fear will lose it’s grip and you will soar over this earth plane instead of tread upon it. imagine where you will go! imagine what we can do together!

I am FOR YOU!!!!!

image: theunboundedspirit.com