Ode to my soul
I’m often so hard on you.
Yet you show up again and again,
showing unknown parts of myself to me
softening even my own harshness
surprising my depths
with the level of continuing compassion you hold.
inside of me is an angry shell
oh soul
even though all you long to be is free
i appreciate all the ups and downs we’ve had
you continue to show up
and keep saying yes
paying no mind to the often seeming insurmountable mountain
no matter how difficult the challenge
you amaze me oh soul!
God has granted you the perfect human form
this body
chosen over everyone else, knowing the core of this soul
should be the chosen one to take me the farthest,
progressing steadily further
than if t had been gifted to any other.
i don’t acknowledge you often enough
or give you due credit
you get trampled upon, bloodied and bruised,
tangle dup and often confused
even though you seemed so sure just a moment before
yet you rise from the ashes,
the phoenix learning to soar to new heights
from inconcevible depths
wings that were once clipped and chained down
now take flight
over canyon and crag
navigating the lofty challenges when they arise
gaining momentum from the often harsh climate changes.
you are perfect.
you are beautiful.
you are resilient.
all respect is yours…

image: mystiquecharl0tte.wordpress.com