a stirring.
a rumbling.
there is movement swirling around me- i can feel it.
this upcoming trip to Bethel feels like a pilgrimage to my soul, part of a much bigger calling than i have yet to grab hold of.

no wonder all hell threatens to break loose right before this type of inspiration, this coming breakthrough, this promise of healing. for me, and for my friend as well.

this battle taking place, arm wrestling us for our peace of mind, our physical comfort, our resting hearts. we are two snow globes, furiously shaken upside down, swirling chunks of snow threatening to displace our trust in the journey. but, i have come to see that the main center of the snow globe, the little town or the scene that the snow flurries about, is in fact always anchored down, secure as the chaos tosses all around it.

we, the center point in our own world, cannot be moved. the world may threaten to crash all around us, the suggestion of sheer destruction and defeat, but when we are eventually turned right side up again, we find we have never come unhinged- just shaken up.

these ‘things’, the giant snow boulders come back to rest all around us, but without crushing our anchoring.

this is the world she and i have been living in lately. so much has been shaken up all around us, the suggestions of fear and dread have been loosened in our presence, in giant attempts at destroying and disrupting our mental health and physical well being. insurmountable mountains is what we seem looming before us, when in fact they are mere mirages, fading into the desert landscape upon approach.

before a new land can be crossed into, we are asked to step into the raging, rushing waters of faith. to let the current overtake us, but with solid guarantee of landing upon fresh new terra firma.

the snow globe settles once again, even for just a little while, with the guarantee of another upheaval within a matter of time. but even in this, i choose to believe that with every shake up brings with it new views and perspectives, healing and promises.

on this i stand.
all is well.

image: pixabay.com