a few evenings ago while walking the dog with my husband, we happened upon a bee hive in a pine tree in the yard of a home a few neighborhoods away. it was gorgeous, hanging like draped gauze from a tree branch, the white color of this structure illuminated by the setting sun. the bees swarmed around their creation, very structured and very very busy.

as we continued walking, we noticed a new family of bees, following a flight path, one after another like planes on a runway. they flew in lines into a tiny hole in a small green electrical box on the sidewalk in front of a home. in they flew with their delivery of pollen from the nearby flowers we spied them on, and out again went others to go about another mission.

we were struck with awe and wonder as we silently observed their work. clearly they had a plan, this family unit. some in, others outside this box, yet all were equally important to the success and surviavl of this utopia. it was as if they had a giant blueprint rolled out in front of them, each assigned a different piece of the overall project.

they seemd so sure, so steadfast in what they were made to accomplish.

i found myself a tad jealous of these tiny, fascinating creatures. so many of us, including myself daily, are unsure of our role in this group of humanity. i have defined my purpose at least, which i was unsure of for awhile as well, so in that i find great rest and comfort knowing i am put on this earth plane as an encourager of those around me.

purpose and roles i feel though are two very different things.

the purpose of the bees is to create. the specific role of each bee in how it is created can vary. and in their own means of communication, they seem to be very clear. i have yet to see two bees pick a fight and begin attacking each other! no, they seem from observation, to work quite nicely together, assisting in the roles they are each assigned.

i feel as if my role changes throughout life, and maybe that is where we differ from the bees?

our roles continually change in life depending upon our likes and dislikes, interests and passions at different junctures, like the ebbs and flows of the tide.

right now, i love where i am at- in the stage of not knowing with complete certainly what my role is. with many options before me, i get to choose from the multiple dreams and creations before me, holding tight and riding some further or choosing to let others go, swapping out for roads that better suit where i am right now, right in this moment.

today, on summer solstice, the hum of a lively hive is around me, whispering possibility and the hope of things to come.

image: whereyouareplanted.com