you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.

stumbling upon this quote awhile back brought great illumination to a process i often get discouraged by.

how blessed my soul becomes by the truth spoken in this thought! isn’t this permission the most comforting thing that we are all searching and longing for?

to be taught as well as the one who teaches.

in some situations, sure, when a particular skill set is required in a certain area, many are further along. This makes no one a less valid or valued human in the least bit, it just reminds me of the different paths we all travel, and at different points on the timeline we are slave to by embodying this earth suit.

maybe for awhile we are ‘ahead’ and at other times we are ‘behind’, only then to step back once again to see that the game has changed once again, the rug pulled out from under us, what we were hoped was so solid and safe. Oh this master chess game we are all playing!

sometimes we are pulled up by others, sometimes we do the propping in return. we all win and lose at different life games, it’s how we help each other up to higher levels along the way, to higher grounds where we make our camp is the name of the game.

now…if i can continue to internalize these thoughts and grant myself this blessed permission to be that dualistic entity, freeing the mastermind part to shine brilliantly while i continue to accept the me that is in progress. to see both sides of myself and embrace their perfect imperfections.

yes. this feels right….

image: Audrey Penven