dear everyone who think you really know me:

i do not know it ‘all’ by any stretch, but i do have some educated opinions about some things!

yesterday there were a few different conversations that occurred throughout my day that bothered me. when i tried to give my opinion on things, i was either quickly interrupted by your ‘better’ or ‘right’ opinion, and mine was pushed to the wayside.

you don’t seem to listen to me.

you might even ‘hear’ me but not ‘hear’ what i am actually saying.

rightfully understood as to why, though.

it’s my own fault because i’m not shouting from the rooftops my likes and dislikes from a bullhorn; i don’t give too many articles or postings on social media a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and i aware of not rudely cutting you off when i have a differing view, because i believe that’s disrespectful.

so I politely hear you out.

but you never hear me out.

so, today i will offer you a little insight into my thought world, of who i really am, just in case you happen to want to actually get to know me.

i know many general healing protocols and go-to’s when i feel myself coming down with a bug. and i do them swiftly. i try new things along the way if the old trusty ones let me down. i have spoken to hundreds of naturopathic doctors and practitioners with our radio show over the past four years, who have clued me in on many, many secrets and strategies of staying healthy and recovering faster when my body does fall into sickness. just because a cold lingers on for more than 10 days does not mean that my body isn’t capable of overcoming it, that my natural remedies do not work, or that i need to finally ‘just take an antibiotic’.

good Lord people-throw me a bone! I am already very aware that hydration is a key to healing, that bone broth is good for me, and that probiotics can help keep my gut health in check. i also know that things like colloidal silver will kill most infection, coffee enemas help my liver detox, parasites can be ushered out with things like garlic and oregano. I do know things that the average person has little to no knowledge of- including my own family members!

beyond the health world, i also know that the news we are fed by the mainstream news media is not what is seems, that the worlds of banking and religions sects have seedy underbellies, that the major events that have shaped our nations past and present probably have occurred in significantly different ways than people think or actually spend the time trying to educate themselves on.

i am aware that the government legally owns our kids the moment we sign a birth certificate, that monsanto is spraying our crops, and that our genetically modified foods are causing disease in a new and rampant way. I also know what the mthfr gene mutation is, heard of the goings on at bohemian grove, that the illuminati runs the entertainment and fashion industries, and heard many a talk and documentary of the ‘conspiracies’ of what really happened at 9/11, the moon landings and the flat earth concept.

i am well aware that bees are disappearing at alarming rates, our water supplies are polluted, vaccines are most likely linked to autism, and that human sex trafficking goes on in my own backyards- all while you continue to eat your hormone laden, factory farmed GMO bigmacs and larger than life sized soft drinks, while offering me your opinion on what you think is ‘real’ and ‘healthy’.

i’ve read and watched a bit on the rigged voting system, how our smart tvs and phones seem to be monitoring our lives and spying on us, the forced health insurance topic, and the horrific slayings of many folks in the natural and holistic health communities that nobody seems to know about because it isn’t in the ‘news’. to the select few i have even brought this news worthy situation up to, they remark about the ‘coincidence’ of such deaths happening to be all in the naturopathic field.

i know of the 13 families that really run our world, the historical origins and demonization of the marijuana plant, insights into sacred plant medicines and ceremonies, and that blue light is destroying our health.

that fluoride in our tap water seems to be dumbing us down, our wheat supply is severely altered, that slave labor that goes into making our computers and clothing, as well as the subliminal messages in magazine ads and commercials.

so when you ask me if i have read the latest Harry Potter book, look stunned when i do not know the personal backgrounds behind the latest celebrity on dancing with the stars, or ask me what i thought of the latest chick flick movie review in the sunday paper- i have been a tad preoccupied with ‘things’.

you might think i am ignorant or not as educated about things as you are, but the truth is that we are only educated in what we seek out. and for me, seeking truth trumps the latest selfie of another kardashian gone viral.

i love all those in my life, even though they do not understand.

we just value different things.

but the next time i have a cold, when you suggest i take sudafed, even though i am politely smiling outwardly and saying thank you for your advice, know that on the inside i am really just feeling so sorry that you haven’t taken a good look at how the world really works.