oh native spirit
wild soul
passion is a must.
throw off the dirt that binds you to this earth
lift your eyes up from this filth,
this dust pile you are laying in
look up!
look up!
abounding peace, love and provision
a promised land
overflowing with milk and honey
step over!
brave spirit step over the line!
all are watching
they’ve assembled
waiting with baited breath
to witness the daunting first steps
of this fresh emerging
leaving cocoon
entering foreign territory.
feet lifting from the earth
floating over the line
delineating the two worlds.
chains break
link by link explode outwardly
these twisting, toxic chains of mental metal,
crashing, falling all around!
lightness and soaring!
to new heights not yet seen
oh brave warrior
oh unexpected leader,
let them watch
this entrance into another world
a realm of complete and perfect freedom.
their hearts are made joyful
that they, too,
are on the pilgrimage.

image: CrazyGirL44 –