dear soul
you work so hard for your survival
let alone your thriving.
your daily attempts
to let not your passions be extinguished,
these dripping desires from your being
that you have embodied
since your initial spark.
you often feel as if you lose your way
in this life of fog
that casts a veil
over the blind human race
of which you desire a way out,
a path toward illumination.

take heart!
learn to rest!

the art of solitude proves time after time
a most perfect balm
for your weary journey.
be mindful
to carry only your daily load,
drop all others
for you will not be able to sustain
more than one at a time
or else you easily tire and shrink smaller.
give yourself permission
to tread joyfully and lightly
and always.
be kind and compassionate
and the outward love for others
will most naturally flow.