“cultivate silence. God speaks in silences. Listen quietly. sometimes you may get no message. meet thus all the same. you will absorb an atmosphere.” -God Calling (A.J. Russell)

hot cup of licorice tea and rain gently pounds the patio outside as i write. faux candles illuminated, pen poised and leather journal ready to receive the words i will pen soon.

i have no idea what will flow out of me today. often times i have many words and thoughts flashing like lightning through my mind, while others i sit here like staring at a blank canvas that is too overwhelming to make even the first splash of color upon.

so i wait.

i show up.

the words above met me with intense comfort, as often i need reminders that it’s often just showing up silent. to put my own agenda on the back burner. even in prayer. i often come to god with so many requests, like to do items waiting in a queue, where once i feel a request is sufficiently answered, i move on to the next. a giant check list for god.

brought back down to the beautiful reality this morning of simply allowing my open heart to absorb whatever it is that is meant for me today.

no agenda of my own. maybe it even feels like i walk away with nothing. i am learning this is alright too. in fact, it’s more than alright. it is well. all is well.

just by showing up, i am absorbing a presence of the divine. an atmosphere of love, calm, and assurance. the whisperings that in a chaotic and upside down world, there is still a sense of right side up, that i am not only upright, rather i am continually learning to live life detached, soaring with feet off the earth through baby steps.

god, let my very marrow absorb the atmosphere presented to me in this solo time today. refresh, restore and soak me in light and love.

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