someone wanted to buy my dream today.

i’ve spent the past two years with content (that I know without a doubt that was downloaded divinely to me) just rolling around mostly in my brain. to be fair, i do have a few chapters that have made it down in written form, so it has been started, but nowhere near where i had hoped to be by now.

i know what it is i am here to do and what the purpose of this work is. it has a story that needs to have breath put into it’s lungs so that it may speak and animate itself with story telling ability.

so when an email popped up in the inbox asking to buy the domain i bought two years ago (named for the name of this work), it lite a fire within me once again. in an instant, i morphed into protective mama bear, becoming increasingly aware of my slack.

in my head i screamed a giant “back off!” doesn’t this person know that this is my life’s dream to complete, and that this domain name was gifted to me and me only? NO! my site is not for sale, sir. even though it is sitting there as blank as the day i purchased it, it’s potential to become the dream is growing stronger daily within my creating mind.

what this did though was encourage growth.

because the name of this body of work is so unique, i found it slightly surprising that he had even encountered such a word and wanted it for his own. i thought of the many conversations i’ve had with Justin about the idea of a work or task searching out the right person to complete it, and that it is up to us to answer it’s call. for the wise ones who can get their act together to answer, the satisfaction of a completed life’s work is complete. however, if that call is neglected or refused, the idea will go in search of one who will run the distance with it and usher it into existence.

i refuse to be that person who does not heed the call.

there is now way that i am letting my dream go to someone else because i continually say no by my lack of action.

to know the call and become overwhelmed by it because it seems too large becomes an excuse now to me. the power of just continually showing up, imperfections and excuses aside, and let the work flow through me is what i am newly committing to.

how sad to think about all of the calls we have all said a big fat no to, or a ‘maybe later’ because of this or that. all of those ideas and dreams just buried in a pile of busyness.

i hope one day the man looking to purchase my site from me will return to it and observe page after page of beautiful and inspiring content- a hub of activity alive and thriving, and know that i turned down his offer for a very good reason. that i knew what it was i had to do and i did it.

never let our dreams be bought. may they never have a price tag and may they continue to stalk us and chase us down until we give in. and then in turn, we do our part to grip them so tightly that they have no chance to escape us.