“do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world , but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” -Romans 12:2

twice yesterday was this verse brought into my presence, so any time i see a pattern i perk up and ay attention.

i always try to ‘theme’ my year ahead at every new year week, setting intention for my upcoming adventure rolled into a single word, serving as a reminder when i lose my way.

past themes included the words:

letting go.

this verse has found it’s way into my heart the past two days and it has whispered that sometimes one doesn’t choose their theme, rather like how it is with a calling on a life, it often chooses us.

if we let it.

this is unexpected, this new theme for me. i am trying to wrap it up in to a single word, and i am leaning toward either ‘transform’ or ‘renew’…both words very different from the direction i was leaning toward on my own choosing, which was likely to be ‘creative expression”.

i grew up reading and knowing the bible. romans 12:2 is far from new to me. however, i sat with this old friend and marinated in it’s power and truth in my life like i had never before experienced.

there are teachings just about everywhere we look about the power of the mind. how our thoughts affect our physical and mental well being. mind over matter. mind control. mind games. delusional thinking and ruminations. rewiring and retraining. the capabilities of this grey matter stuffed into all of our heads is beyond amazing and utterly convoluted. But, one thing most can agree on is the immense power it holds, and can form our life both positively or lead us down a road of pure destruction.

the renewing of the mind!!!! what a glorious invitation! such a powerful prospect!

don’t i ever need this!

renew is literally defined as:
(verb) to resume (an activity) after an interruption

interesting. what is it that i have been interrupted by that has thrown my mind from it’s proper place of residence? who and what have i have handed over the power and keys of my life to?

i actually know.

the disgustingly distorted faces of fear, shame, guilt, false impressions, smoke and mirrors, anxiety, distress, hopelessness.

these, i believe, are the ‘patterns of this world’ that this verse is alluding to. accusations from the great accuser, the prince of darkness himself. our shadow selves. the great facade.

i am thinking the key to this is interrupting this great interruption!

transform defined as a verb: to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.
(synonyms: change, alter, convert, metamorphose, transfigure)

i began the daunting practice of just this. last night as i lay in my bed and the great liar began whispering suggestions of fear of the future in my ear in attempts to steal my peace, i literally put my hand out straight up in my bed pushing away and said out loud, “NO”. period. NO. NO. NO. there is no room for that here. i am peaceful and resting in the promises given to me. there is no entrance to this part of my brain. it is a closed door, barricaded with guards outside. you will be taken down and destroyed. your time is over. my mind is no longer property of your deceit.

and then i went to sleep.

this will be a continual practice throughout life, this i know. but i am choosing to transform, not just ‘hoping’ for renewal. it takes practice, dedication to this craft, and complete resolution of not giving in when darkness seems to be winning. standing my ground. living in renewal and allowing this metamorphosis process to continue unbound.

it can mean looking like a fool by creating a boundary with our hands to remind us of the hedge of protection around us if we so let it be. it can feel ultra silly talking out loud with forceful voices into the darkness when we are afraid. i would rather look like a fool or sound like a crazy person any day than give away dominion over my most precious asset.

this is a much needed practice in my life.

this is a most noble calling.

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