step up.

enter the next chapter with faith and assurance. the net is always there. nets are not made to be seen. they are woven tightly together, strong enough to carry more than your weight, and breathtaking for the onlooker who sees nothing but a perfect landing after entertaining fear for the safety of the jumper.

invisible to the eye of the risk taker, as the view point is most likely always from a higher view point than the ground level observer.

careful calculation is sometimes necessary- but most often you overthink and over plan. too much striving and fretting. you let the ‘what if’s’ store up too heavily, forming a stone wall between you and your freedom living.

take your finger out of the dam leak!

dare to let my waters invade your entire being, swirling around you in new and refreshed life! an invigorated life! let the uncertainty thrill you for once! ask not ‘if’ I will do something for you, but rather ‘HOW’ and in what fashion will this need be met or accomplished for you.

Oh if only you knew how vast my love is for you!

if you could truly comprehend that the net has always been there the entire time and always will be. let go graceful acrobat, and dare to land in the new territories I have mapped out for you- milk and honey lands yet to be discovered.

live in your destiny.