“Set your standards very high. Aim at conquering a world, the world all around you….YOU may not see the work. Today they may not need you. I may send you strange visitors. Nobody must come and feel unwanted”- God Calling from February 24th and 25th

deep passion for the warrior spirit resides within me. so often in life, i feel we are told to not set our expectations too high; don’t soar too high or we might burn up by the sun upon our ascent. often deflated and punctured, we talk ourselves back down down from the cliff of possibility and onto the low and safely grounded well trodden path.

why am i so afraid at times of setting my standards high? why is my warrior spirit torn apart and brought back down to ‘reality’ more often than i like? i believe it’s because i unintentionally give others permission to run my life. i hand my power away all too easily, often unknowingly agreeing with them to live dull, mundane and listless lives. misery loves company right?

yet God calls me to something completely set apart. a life uncommon. a new standard for living. a life that aims SO high that when feet are set back upon earth soil, it is with gold dust glistening upon my face from my encounters with the Divine.

unseen is the work of the soul, and often our work in service toward others. even when i am not praised and awarded for my service as the human side of me so desperately craves, i know that every encounter that crosses my path is divine, every meeting appointed from the beginning of time. nothing is a chance encounter, and in every situation there is love to be shared and a heart to be encouraged.

may i aim for conquering the world one conversation at a time! may i continue to love those who hurt me or do not understand my intent. may ALL visitors to my home feel welcomed and wanted, no matter how busy or distracted i become. may God grant me bigger wings and larger vision so that my territory can expand to the ends of the earth.

love love love. all is well.