hybrid people.

The emerging tribe of true spirit seekers.

Those that are finding their way away from ‘religion’ and spiraling upward toward authentic connection with God.

I place myself amongst them, as I believe we are pure in our desires to connect with the Divine, as the judgements placed on us for so long are slowly being shrugged off- not that we are ceasing to be judged, but rather, we are being kay with judgements and realize we are the blessed ones for not having to sit in the judgement seat judging others. Our hearts are open and our eyes are focused on what truly matters in this journey, which is always a resounding answer to love deeper. Love steadfast. Love like the world is set ablaze.

My comfortable old rug of ideas and comforts is no longer under my feet.

It’s been pulled swiftly out from under me.

This awakening in my spirit is felt so deep in the depths of me, it has almost forced me into reexamining the worn our belief system I’ve clung to tightly too for far too long past it’s expiration date.

The bizarre part is that I am not as scared as I thought I would be. Old me would have cowered in a corner and deemed the work too overwhelming. I have no choice. It has called out to be answered since I was a child. A watershed moment upon my acknowledgement that we were really doing this. Fully committed. Me and God.



In response to a stranger who had listened to a podcast conversation we had about God and told us we seemed ‘confused’ about the subject of God and all things Bible related, I turned and said to my husband, “what confuses ME the MOST is why OTHER people are not confused?” They really, truly have it all figured out? ALL of GOD? ALL of LIFE? All that WAS and ever WILL BE?

Must be nice!

Or delusional.

I’ve come to the realization that’s it’s okay-in fact it’s expected- to come to the presence of God in our confusion. WITH our confusion.

A few select friends I have shared my ‘spiritual crisis’ with- the awakening truth the God loves us all, yes even those outside the narrow circle of christianity and always has. He always will. “they” have experienced the realness of God just like I have.

This becomes more apparent with each open and transparent conversation I have with people outside of my ‘religion’, my ‘beliefs’.

this would have scared me in the past, nut today it make sGod just that much bigger.

Spiritual awakening is far more treacherous and deeply profound than I could ever have imagined. It’s indescribable, this fullness of life that begins to flow freely within my veins…

All is well…