i awoke today
to stories of an out of control world
where the ‘system’ seems to be winning,
and the human soul losing.
oh my soul!
such anguish overtakes the people, riddled with anxiety and despair
for things are not as they appear
to the public eye!
what to do when you awake
from a dream of lies
where to turn
besides the very shoulder blades of god
the only safe harbor
that ever did, has and will exist!
my natural inclinations
run! hide! deter from the path!
it’s too big,
this opposition-
it will surely win,
if you continue to stay
both physically and emotionally
in this place, this narrow place.
but if i choose to stay this course
of fear and finagling
then fear wins and decisions are based on
‘what ifs’ instead of perfect love.
like the wind!
not from these fears
but straight into the face of their taunting masks of lies
right through their troops
with the fury of a swinging sword
plunging it directly into the
belly of the bastard beast.
the fall!
his mighty fall!
to be witnessed by my very eyes
and then when-yes WHEN-
i arrive on the other side
i will turn back to look
and watch in pure amusement
of the facade it all was
and learn that i was winning all the time.

image: aronhart.com/aron_hart_galleries/drawings/the_world_on_a_string.html