brave one:

you are one of the few who chose this narrow path
of obstacles and affliction.


your journey twists and turns
a labyrinth of blessings and perceived curses,
of both blue skies and raging seas.


war on!
keep the chin up and eyes steadfast on me
sword raised in victory
as the battle rages around you.

spirit seeker:

i have shown you only small tidbits of who i am,
for too much would be a shock to your limited world.

But i see you.

i know your soul.

i observe the fighter, pilgrim, warrior, spirit seeker and brave one.

i called her to such a large calling!
her life marked with my fingerprints
every silver inch of the process.

you have been chosen,
a perfect arrow drawn from the quiver
fashioned for the exact mission it was intended for

keep marching forward!
upward, onward, strong and steady.
the sweat, blood, tears and mud
are all wounds that bind you to your calling!
march on brave warrior-
for in this life
victory you shall see!