absorbing the divine.

infusion into the deepest of depths. into every cell, tissue, sinew and bone, pulsing through my veins.

does this not sound like the most lovely marinade of all?

to truly absorb God, making this the place where my heart flees to find refuge, away from myself and into the mighty covering and safeguard! away from my weakness, my smallness, my insecurities. my wayward heart, my dark shadow side.

imagine the change in this world if we could all grasp this concept of absorbing the very nature of the divine! it seems that this planet is at a precipice, a moment in time where we have not yet been, land where our feet has not yet treaded.

we stand at the threshold of a most broken system, that i believe is being ever so slowly exposed and chipped away. many think this ‘exposing’ is just what they refer to as ‘conspiracy theories’, and to this i have no definite answers, only my own experience to draw from.

we seem to be lined up like sheep, spoon fed dumbed down partial truths and seemingly sugar coated lies, touching bits and pieces of truth but leave us scratching our heads wondering if what has been presented to us is all there really is.

oh to absorb the truth!

to stand in a place where most don’t and won’t stand is a bizarre land between lands. this place requires a truly open mind, as new ideas rush us with little time to react. The small percentage of us who take the time to sift through much of this information thrown upon us, and yet we walk away without firm conclusions to our questions and ponderings, then we can say we’ve come to land in a place of openness most do not possess the keys to.

amazingly bizarre and often entertaining and jaw dropping information, often with the backings of science, come flooding us constantly, and the lucky ones get a trail of breadcrumbs thrown before them.

This rabbit trail opening up can often lead to an unfolding world of unbiased opinions and views, which in turn make us the most challenging opponents to pin down. Most do not ask the hard questions in life, and many that do are swift to pass out canned answers from spiritual perspectives passed down the line, requiring no real wrestling with.

the only real thing i have come to a personal conclusion with is that living from a place of mystery, of communing with and soaking up the divine, basking in this mystical presence that is God, is the only place that feels authentic.

and so i journey onward.

image: wakingtimes.com