every breath, every step
ordained by you
who is above all circumstances,
all situations, all fear and all trouble.
why oh why do i let my soul be troubled
when i see before my very own eyes
the streams in the wasteland
forming all around me
my feet standing upon dry, red cracked desert floor
forming all around me from my stance
in every direction
are streams, forming new pathways
that surround me!
i stand in the epicenter of flowing life,
each pathway of water penetrating the parched earth,
turning it from red to deep brown,
earth folding into itself like tiny sinkholes
as the water seeps deeper and deeper still
to transform this dry, parched land
into an oasis of hope.
i see rainbow rays shooting out from under my feet in all directions-
north, south, east, west!
they are rays of illuminated water!
oh precious water!
i have never coveted anything so desperately before!
this rare resource is among the most sought after
because it changes and refreshes
leaving all who drink of it
completely satisfied.
so rest in this vision, this soaking, today.
a new day, a new moment filled with pathways before you-
anywhere you set your feet, water rushes up to meet them
leaving soaking footprints behind you,
a symbol to all watching
that life is FOR us!
god is for us, finding a way to water the depths of our very souls…