why, oh soul,
do you act like a ship without a captain
at the helm?
as if the large vessel
that you are
could direct your life
through the calms and storms
of life
all on your own?
the invitation from the captain
is to climb aboard
and let go!
relax in the sunshine,
gather the salty sea drops
on your thirsty skin.
let the wild nautical breeze
dance with your hair!
enjoy the ride.
begin to watch the enjoyment factor
rush forward to meet
unclenched hands,
once the steering wheel has been released
from the furious grip
that the lies of control feed us.
a trip with a leader so i can relax?
what a gift!
what overwhelming beauty!
how undeserving my soul is!
take your ship
out of the safe harbor
for now is the time
for a journey into the deep-
the fantastic, magical, mystical endless
of love, calm and peace.
let go.
i am not called to man the helm.
all is well.