today i am feeling the promise of this new year much stronger than i have felt it during the actual new year holiday.

i awoke with an invigorated heart, basking in the truth that NOTHING is impossible. things that i have believed would or could never happen for me was quickly brushed away, filling my mind space with fresh and new insights, dreams, visions and insights.

just because something hasn’t worked easy for me in the past does NOT mean that it has to continually be this way. no, in fact i am sure of it.

this book that has downloaded itself to me at times seems overwhelming and i get stuck in that ‘writer’s block’ with the most a paralyzing effect, and i find myself doing nothing at all than tackling it piece by piece, one small bite at a time.

then i felt God tell me this morning, that it no longer has to be this way! this process can become swift, glorious and not heavy burdened. the journey of birthing this work can and will indeed become a fast and beautiful journey!

the slow drudgery and pain leading up to this point has not been wasted-in fact it has been revealed that it is the most necessary training grounds for this work, and without it this birthing would not be possible. the process of being squeezed through this narrow place, this winepress, where the pain all but kills me is what is required as my right of passage into this new and wide space, where my backstory only comes up under me to support my process and revealing revelation and illuminating areas where truth is pleading to be shouted from the rooftops and new and creative ways!

we all have our unique story. our own spin on things. nobody else in the entire universe can take this from us-it is ours and it can be told in only the most intimate way.

let us come together this new year with a collective desire to tell our stories. among circles of trusted friends, around campfires and over tables at meals. let us be divine channels of putting pen to paper, letting inspired writings flow through our pens like blood through our veins. let us not grant permission to our untold stories to die with us in our graves one day, rather let them be used in the land of the living, for the generations ahead to come and learn from. let us trust and know deep within our being that nothing is impossible.